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Who we are

UNILINK is an international education agent with its main office in Sydney, Australia and a branch office in Beijing, China. The nature of our business is recruiting international students for Australian education institutes and assisting the students with their visa and migration applications.

UNILINK was founded in 2011 in Sydney, NSW Australia. Our legal entity name: Unilink Education Pty. Ltd. ; Australian Company Number : 152 187 650


UNILINK has been recognized as a “Qualified Education Agent” by PIER.

QEAC No.: G167/G196

UNILINK has in-house Registered Migration Agents. The Migration Agent Registration Numbers (MARN) are 1687552 & 1576954. As required by Australian law, our services must comply with Code of Conduct. Further infomation can be found at Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA).

University Degree



Education Advisory
The majority of our renowned team of consultants have graduated from Australian Universities and lived in Australia for many years after completing their study. Our advisers’ diligence to their studies and rich first hand experiences of Australian life have paved a strong foundation for them to provide adequate, trustworthy and insightful guidance to new-comers.
We assess the suitability of a program for a student based on the following factors:
  1. The career opportunities and accreditations of the program;
  2. What exactly are the prospective careers in Australia? What is the competitive difference between pursuing a career in Australia and in other countries?
  3. What is the necessary skill set, including language proficiency or certain professional qualifications, that is required by an employer?
  4. The prospects of the occupation. Is the industry booming or shrinking? What would generally be your future income level in Australia?
  5. Future Challenges: planning a career oriented internship; enhancement on communication skills; or pursuance of a professional qualification after graduation, such as various practice certificates in their respective industries.
Our goal is to make sure every single candidate and his or her parents grasp the gist of the most profound purpose of their overseas studies. If you are still searching for answers pertaining to the above questions, UNILINK is the perfect place to help and guide you.

University Applications
We have been dealing with applications from wide range of academic backgrounds and various grading systems from all over the world. Even for those education systems that Australian Institutions have not published any entry requirement, our team are able to efficiently communicate with education providers to work out its AQF (Australian Qualification Framework) equivalent.
Besides those majors which are familiar to most international students, such as Accounting, Engineering, IT, and Education etc., UNILINK is also highly experienced in the following areas:
  1. Research Programs: including PHD and Master by Research
  2. Law Programs: LLB, LLM and Juris Doctor
  3. Health Science Programs: Psychology, OTPT, MD, Veterinary Science, Dentistry, Nutrition, Radiography, Pathology and Pharmacy.
  4. Arts Programs: Social Science, Social Work, Criminology, International Relations, Politics studies, Media Communication and Journalism.
  5. Built Environment Programs: Urban Design, Planning, Property Managements, Architecture, Landscape, Construction Management and Quantity Surveying
  6. Music and Performance Arts Programs
  7. Fine Arts and Design Programs
If you happen to be interested in these areas, UNILINK will be your ideal choice.
Registered Migration Agent
As a registered migration agent, we are qualified to help you with your visa application and are able to deal with immigration offices and other organisations for you. Typical migration services that we provide include:
  • Explain the available visa application options, and recommend you the best one;
  • Preparing documents for your visa application;
  • Lodge a well-prepared application with all the required documents, as such you will have a higher chance to obtain a quick and favorable decision from the Department;
  • Contacting the Department or other organizations to make enquiries on your application.
No migration agent is allowed to guarantee a visa issuance, and you are not required to use an agent to lodge your visa application; however we provide a very helpful service with a reasonable cost to save you from possible hassles or complications.
According to Migration Agent Regulations 1998 (Cth), the Migration Services that we engage in must comply with the ‘Code of Conduct’ stipulated by MARA; this code is available at MARA Website.
Visa Services
We provide immigration support with a diverse range of visas, including:
  • Student Visas
  • Skilled Migration Visas
  • Employer Sponsored Visas
  • Investment and Business Visas
  • Partner Visas
  • Working Holiday Visas
  • Visa cancellation and Refusal issues
We are a diverse friendly business and welcome clients from all races, faiths, gender identities, and sexual orientations.
UNILINK is strictly operating under ESOS Act 2000 and National Code 2007. As a Registered Migration Agent, we are also regulated by Migration Agent Regulations 1998.
Since its establishment, UNILINK has been 100% genuine with services offered and has never been subject of any adverse records (e.g. bogus documents) or misconduct. To ensure the genuineness of our students, we require all applicants to make consultation with our counsellors directly. UNILINK’s counsellors’ team have rich knowledge of the Australian Legal system; and our team members are well trained to distinguish suspicious applicants and verify the authenticity of supporting documents. Furthermore, unethical services such as assisting applications for non-GTE purposes and providing tuition cashback are absolutely prohibited at UNILINK regardless the student is onshore or offshore, applying for higher education or vocational programs.
On the other hand, UNILINK puts a lot of efforts in helping students with more challenging backgrounds. Sound knowledge and extensive experiences of GTE assessment allow us to clearly state students’ multitudinous situations and to prevent the GTE screening from possible unnecessary exclusion of some students with genuine intensions to study in Australia.
Student Management
In order to maintain the conversion rate at a satisfied level, our counsellors team strictly follow the rule that only those applications from eligible students are lodged. Base on the student’s concrete needs and Academic/Language skills, our counsellors can professionally help the students to narrow their options and focus on their best needs.
UNILINK has developed its own cloud-based Customer Relations Management (CRM) to ensure no single application is left behind. The student’s particulars, status updates, likeness to accept, and reasons of defer/withdraw are all recorded in detail and are accessible to our team and the institutions they applied. Moreover, as we also lodge applications through this CRM system, the detailed course information such as entry requirements, application procedures and career prospects of each institute are well recorded for future use.
Besides the number of recruitments, students’ continuous success is one of our vital goals. Before the students make any decisions, we always relay to them specifically about what exactly they are going to study, who will they become, and what qualifications/skills are required based on the official information and guidelines provided by universities, professional entities or authorities. By doing so, we help the students to identify which program and which institute would be the most suitable choice. Therefore, international students recruited by UNILINK have a low withdrawal rate, and we maintain a strong belief that the majority of our go on to be high achievers in their studies and lives in Australia.
Marketing Strategy
UNILINK is a young and active team. We massively use internet and social media to promote Australia and its Education. Rather than providing bulk advertisement, our team customize valuable information for every single targeted market to accommodate their unique needs.
Apart from popular programs such as Commerce, IT and Engineering, our team explore those programs which are less well-known yet possessing good potentials to overseas students. In the past few years, UNILINK has consistently received enquiries regarding PHD, Law, Health Science, Music and Arts programs in various forms, and we has since then successfully assisted a large majority of these students to study in the areas of their interest. Although these cases would usually take relatively longer time and require more efforts to process, the experiences we gained are however precious assets to our team to accommodate our future students’ needs.
As an Australian based Education Agent, we receive student enquiries from different countries and a multitude of education backgrounds. Applicants with less common qualifications or grading systems usually have difficulties in finding the right agent to effectively assist in their applications. Therefore, our counsellors have done extensive research to help these students, and meanwhile expand our business into new markets. We handle a great number of co-operation programs with Chinese counterparts such as The University of Nottingham Ningbo Program, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University and United International College Zhuhai Campus; we are experienced in accepting cases from Europe and US education system such as A-level, SAT, ACT, OSSD, DES and IB; Articulation programs in other countries such as INTI College and Taylors College in Malaysia.

Professional Fees

  • 15 Minutes Free: A free initial consultation is offered to every client.
  • Standard Service Charge: $500 per hour (+10% GST for clients in Australia)
  • Students in China: Please refer to our Chinese website:
  • Overseas Student in Australia: Professional fee maybe waived for some cases.

*All fees and charges are in line with Code of Conduct and policies of relevant institutions.

Our Team

UNILINK is a team of young professionals come from various academic background. Each of our consultants are experienced in doing
insightful research to provide our clients with the most desirable study and career plans.



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